02 Mar, 2016

3 Note Groupings with "Lead Hand" Motion


Do you find yourself speeding up or slowing down when playing 16th note fills? If you're like most of us it's certainly a key moment where you might find yourself slipping out of time with the band/track! Any student of mine will know I've recently gotten into "check patterns" in a big way as a technique to practice perfecting these 16th note timings.

After studying some classic drum corps material I've realised we drum kit players have been missing out on some fantastic tools to introduce good habits to our playing of 16th notes. If you want a method for approaching 16th note passages AND establishing a lead hand motion at the same time I can't recommend these exercises enough. In this lesson we look at all the possible 3-note groupings of 16th notes against a 16th note check pattern.

A check pattern is simply a pattern you can use to "check" other patterns against. Sort of like getting your homework marked or looking in the mirror. Each exercise either adds to, or takes away from, the pattern you are checking it against. In this lesson you are keeping the same sticking as the check pattern, only each time you are omitting a stroke.

How are you getting on with your 16th note timings? Leave a comment below to let me know what you think of the 3 note groupings and what tempo you can get them to. Remember, share your practice videos on the Facebook page and tag them with #WarmupWednesday. Happy practicing.