11 Mar, 2016



This is one of those songs everybody knows, and it’s a great example of the classic Motown sound. Listed in the The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame's "500 Songs that Shaped Rock and Roll” it was one of the first hits to help propel the Jackson Five to Worldwide stardom.

Accompanying the Jackson 5 on “ABC” were a team of Los Angeles studio musicians associated with the famous Funk Brothers. Drummer Gene Pello is playing on this track.

The main groove utilises sixteenth notes between the hi-hat and bass drum. If you’re knew to this you might want to work on a few exercises to help coordinate your right hand and right foot independently. I’ll have some lessons up soon to help you.

Watch out for the sneaky 3/4 bars at the end of the choruses. The funky break-down section in the middle is a great place to improvise your own Latin ride cymbal patterns and stretch out a little; I’ll also make a lesson up soon with how to do this.

For now enjoy the #Chartscription!