13 Jan, 2016

Best Of My Love


This #Chartscription looks at the classic soul record "Best Of My Love" from The Emotions' hit album Rejoice. Written by, and featuring, the musicians of Earth, Wind & Fire this song has a joyful groove typical of the groups many hits. It's a fantastic example of a "less is more" style of drumming from Fred White. His playing may be simple, but my word it grooves! I call this a "chartscription" because it's a little more info than you might get in a "real world" drum chart, so it's half chart and half transcription.

Check out the classic soul fill Fred White plays, landing on the hi-hats every 4 bars (Figure 1). This is one of only two different fills in the whole song—check out this worksheet for or a breakdown of how to play it.

Figure 1

Let me know how you get on with the chartscription by contacting me on Facebook and Twitter, and if there is anything you want a chartscription written out for let me know... Happy drumming!