01 Jun, 2016

Highly Flammable Pyramid of Time


I love multitasking. I don’t mean in the usual sense of taking a phone call while typing an email and brushing my teeth. Anyone who knows me would tell you I’m terrible at that. But when it comes to making the most of my practice time I’m all for combining material so I can practice two or more things at the same time.

The concept is pretty simple: take an exercise that works on a single element, say your timings for example, then add a second element that works on something else, say your technique. By combining two elements in one exercise you can double the amount of material you cover in a single session.

Todays #WarmupWednesday does just that. Here I’ve taken the traditional "time pyramid"—dividing a single bar into smaller and smaller subdivisions—and I’ve slapped on some flam rudiments to give my wrists a workout too. Not only am I working on my internal clock by effortlessly switching through different subdivisions, but I’m also developing my hand technique with some tricky flam rudiments. It also adds to the difficulty of the initial exercise and gets your creative juices flowing too.

You can change up which flam rudiments you use if there is something specific you’d like to work on. For example switch the Flam Paradiddle for a Flammed Windmill, or the Flamadiddlediddle for a Double Flam Paradiddle. Notice I’ve picked all alternating rudiments for this exercise, but you could just as easily use a non-alternating rudiment if you like. You could even do the exercise with drag rudiments, or add some cheeses to create some interesting hybrids. The possibilities are endless!

Can you come up with any other ways to multitask your warmup routine? I’d love to hear your suggestions. Remember to share your practice videos on the drumadiddle Facebook page and tag them with #WarmupWednesday and I’ll be sure to write you a comment.

Happy practicing, and keep your fire extinguisher at hand!