04 Mar, 2016

Sir Duke


A fantastic example of an R&B shuffle groove, "Sir Duke" is ALWAYS a dance floor filler, and a killer song to learn. If you're wondering what's the next step for you after learning a straight 8ths "four on the floor" groove you can't go far wrong with this. But be warned... the off-beat accents are deceptively difficult. I'll have a lesson up SOON outlining a few ways to approach practicing these. The added 16th note shuffle strokes are super hip and fun to play, as is the off-beat bass drum and snare drum hits when phrasing with the band.... and that's not mentioning the "double time" intro and interlude sections... I've got a lot of lessons to make for this one!

I've made a #Chartscription outlining the form and the important hits, with a few of the fills transcribed. I'll have ALL OF THE FILLS up in a lesson next week so be sure to check back. Here's a question to finish with... who is the "Sir Duke" that Stevie is singing about? Leave me a comment below!