26 Jan, 2016

Son Of A Preacher Man


Here's a #Chartscription for Dusty Springfield's "Son Of A Preacher Man" from the album Dusty In Memphis. If ever there were a groove that could be described as effortless this would be it. Check out how the drums and bass compliment each other on this recording. Gene Chrisman is the drummer, one of my studio favourites! Apparently bassist Tommy Cogbill used to grease his fingers with Vaseline for a smoother sound— I don't recommend doing this with your sticks.

Don't be surprised if you find playing quarter notes on the hi-hat difficult—it’s much harder than it looks. The syncopated bell pattern in the outro is particularly tricky. I'll have some lessons coming very soon to help you with this so be sure to check back! Leave a comment below if there is anything you want me to cover!