16 Feb, 2016

Uptown Funk


From a teaching point of view “Uptown Funk” was certainly the most popular song of 2015, so it was no surprise to see it awarded Record of The Year at this year's Grammys. From the album Uptown Special by Mark Ronson this song showcases Bruno Mars not only as vocalist but laying down some PHAT drums as well! However it's the FUNK in Jamareo Artis’s bass lines that gets me every time… Beautiful. 

This #Chartscription pretty much deatils everything Bruno Mars plays! This is an incredibly fun song to play. If you need help with the timing of some of the fills I'll have a lesson out soon with the "Machine Gun" fill. Also check out the lesson on 3 Note Groupings for an in-depth study on how to approach 16th note fills. The outro groove can be a bit tricky so I'll have a lesson up soon called "Meet Disco's Little Brother" with a breakdwon of how to practice this type of groove.

Enjoy and let me know how you get on by leaving a comment below or write to me contact me using Facebook and Twitter…. Add the hashtag #Chartscription to your practice videos and post them on the Facebook page and I'll be sure to leave you a comment!