09 Mar, 2016

2 Note Groupings with "Lead Hand" motion


Have you ever noticed your favourite drummers seem to have all the time in the world to play their fills? Much of this is down to their ability to place each note they play with great precision by accurately subdividing the beat. Playing "in the pocket" like this takes a lot of control, so how can we practice this? One way is to make sure we are comfortable with all the possible 16th note subdivisions. Last week I shared a method for practicing 16th note subdivisions by playing all the possible 3-note groupings of 16ths against what's known as a "check pattern". Today we take a look at the 2-note grouping possibilities and once again use the same 16th note check pattern to compare them to.

Just as last week play one bar of the check pattern followed by one bar of a 2-note grouping. Keep the same sticking as the check pattern, only each time notice you are omitting two strokes.

Have these exercise helped with your 16th note timings? Leave a comment below to let me know what you think of the 2 note groupings and what tempo you can get them to. Remember, share your practice videos on the Facebook page and tag them with #WarmupWednesday. Happy practicing.