30 Mar, 2020

Off Beat Hi-Hat Grooves (Part 2)


In this lesson you will learn how to play an off beat hi-hat pattern with more syncopated grooves by anticipating and delaying bass drum strokes. Caution: the results are pretty funky. I'd recommend checking out the "8 Ways To Move Billie Jean" lesson with 8th note hi-hats before attempting the off-beat hi hats. The concept is pretty simple; we just anticipate or delay our bass drum strokes by one eighth-note. There are just 8 ways we can do this. Once we are playing off beat hi-hats there isn't a lot left landing on the beat, so this is a great exercise for working on your internal pulse. I'm playing a cow bell with my left foot, you don't need to do this, just counting out loud works. Or use a metronome.

If you want the backing track send me a message bellow.